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What are Turbocharger Pricing and Repair Cost?

What is the cost of a brand new turbocharger and what is its repair cost? These would be the two basic questions that are going in your mind. Now we are here to give the best advice or solution to these two or other questions related to the turbocharger whether it is related to a brand new turbocharger pricing and repair cost. But before knowing the price of these two first we discussed what a turbocharger is and why we need this.

By a German engineer, Gottlieb Daimler, in the 19th century, the first turbocharger was produced, but they didn’t come to prominence until after WWI (World War I) when aircraft manufacturers start adding turbo engines in the airplanes to provide power to engines operating at higher altitudes.

What is a turbocharger?

It is a kind of device that is used to increase performance and overall efficiency by fitting into a vehicle’s engine. A turbocharger is colloquially also known as a turbo and technically turbosupercharger. By injecting additional compressed air into the combustion chamber, the turbocharger can improve the performance of the internal combustion engine. Or we can say it helps the engine to produce more power by forcing more air into the cylinders. The first car company that uses turbochargers is Porsche and Chevrolet Corvair.

How do turbochargers work?

Turbo is made up by using the shaft and two halves. A shaft is used to join the two halves together that are covered by the snail-shaped housing. The one halve is used to spin the turbine that is connected to another turbine from one side with the help of the hot exhaust gasses and the connected turbine sucks air in and compresses it into the engine. After that, before the air reaches the cylinder the air needs to cool. So, a pipe is connected to return compressed air to the cylinder through a charge air cooler.

Now your turbo runs at a high speed that would be up to 250,000 RPM but to ensure that the engine doesn’t run too hot they typically have an oil cooling system to make sure that. 

What are the turbocharger pricing and repair cost?

There are so many types of turbochargers available in the so the of the turbocharger so totally depends upon its brand and power. But normally it starts from $400 and goes up depending on model, power and your car. In the turbocharger pricing and repair cost don’t have so much difference. They are very easy to repair if you’re an experienced mechanic, you can repair your turbocharger on your own. Because most of the common problems of a turbocharger are easy to fix and can be done right away. You can save your money by repairing your turbocharger by yourself. Below is the list of some turbo kits with turbocharger pricing and repair cost.  

Some Comprehensive turbo kits for your cars

Single Turbo Kit for Hyundai Genesis

This turbo kit is slow but bringing it up to 500+ horsepower will make it a true force to be reckoned with. You can buy this turbo kit for $6,495. In this kit, you’ll get a massive 64-millimeter Turbonetics turbocharger, a front-mount intercooler, and all the necessary bits of plumbing to get you up and running with the big dogs.

Banks Power Twin-Turbo Kit

This company Banks Power made so many types of shapes and size turbo kits. Basically, this kit is ideal for any Chevrolet small-block V8. You can buy this turbo kit for $6,540. And the repairing cost of this turbo kit depends upon how much damage your turbo kit has. 

Hellion Twin-Turbo Kit

This turbo kit offers you two different turbo sizes depending on your needs from Helion – to reduced lag and street-friendly performance a pair of quick-spooling 55-millimeter turbos, larger 62-millimeter units that won’t build boost as quickly, to get the burly V8 up to roughly 1,200 horsepower. You can buy this turbo kit for $8,995. And the repairing cost of this turbo kit depends upon how much damage your turbo kit has.

Alpha 10 Nissan GT-R Turbo Kit 

This is the most expensive turbo kit available in the market and it has the most award under its belt. It increases the 1100 horsepower at the rear wheels and it would be very dangerous. You can buy this turbo kit for $15,495 and its repair cost is very expensive. The greatest way is to exchange the old turbo kit for the new one. In this way, you can save your money.

Armageddon Turbo Kit

Armageddon Turbo Systems has recently launched the complete series of twin-turbo kits designed for GM’s latest 6.2 liters V8s. This kit has added 200 horsepower on 8psi of boost. You can buy this Armageddon Turbo Kit for $9,996 and its reaper cots are also so expensive.

These are some turbo kits available in the market that you can use in your car to boost your car horsepower or increase it. Some turbocharger pricing and repair costs are very expensive and some are very low prices. It totally depends upon the mode and turbo kit power. You can repair your turbo kit on your own. Because most of the common problems of a turbocharger are easy to fix and can be done right away.

How to repair your turbocharger?

In this process first, you need to find out the things you will need in repairing your turbocharger. And after collecting all the things you can start repairing your turbocharger

What you’ll need in repairing your turbocharger?

  • Turbocharger kit
  • Oil drain line’
  • Cleaning solvent
  • Grease rags
  • Turbocharger assembly
  • Boost controller spring
  • Service manual

Now you can start the process of repairing your turbocharger step-by-step by reading these instructions carefully.

  1. Before working the turbocharger, ensure to clean it. 
  2. To clean the turbocharger use the dry cleaning solvent. And never forget to wipe any moisture once you’re done.
  3. Now you have to clean the air passage also and substitute the element that’s responsible for air cleaning.
  4. All the loose compressor-to-intake duct connections have to be tightened.
  5. Compressor housing or inside the duct area all foreign elements that got stuck then take out them all. And after that make sure to clean the housing unit because this may increase carbon buildup.
  6. Now replace the filter because the dirty air-cleaning system can cause oil seal leakage on or near the compressor.
  7. After that, you have to adjust the suggested level of the oil in the crankcase in the service manual.
  8. Check the hoses leading in and out of the turbo. Because they may create barriers that often cause incessant noise.
  9. Now reattach the clamps in place.
  10. Recheck the spring connection to the boost controller. Thus it can be damaged in the due time which shows that maximum power becomes reduced. By reading the following instructions, you can easily replace this.
  11. If the oil drain line is fully filled then recheck it because it can cause a noisy turbo.
  12. And if draining oil is very thick then it indicates an obstruction in the line. Replace the oil drain line with a dealership.

What are the benefits of turbos?

There are so many benefits of using turbochargers that are why they are very famous in modern cars or other vehicles. We have discussed some main plus points of a turbocharged engine.


In the same sized engine, the turbo generates more power. In comparison to naturally-aspirated engines, the turbo engine generates more power in every stroke of the piston. So nowadays more cars are now fitted with smaller, turbocharged engines. For example, Ford took the decision to replace its standard 1.6L petrol engine with a 1L turbocharged unit. That is called EcoBoost.


Because modern diesel cars are fitted with a turbocharger that improves fuel economy and reduces emissions. In the same size as naturally aspirated engines, the turbo generates more power output, and this paves the way for the use of smaller, lighter, and more economical engines. 

Torque and Performance

Turbochargers produce more torque even on the smallest engines, particularly lower down the rev range. Cars took most benefits from the strong, nippy performance that’s great around the town and it helps the car’s engine to feel more refined at higher speeds on motorways and A-roads. A turbocharged engine produces the torque, so the low-speed turbocharged engine can easily beat the cars having larger, naturally aspirated engines.

And What Are the Downsides?

Everything has the downside also even it is becoming more powerful. Now we discussed the pitfalls of the turbocharger below.

Expensive Repair Costs

Turbocharger engines have so much complexity, with the whole host of other components beneath the bonnet that can fail or develop faults. To put it right these problems can be expensive and can have an impact on other components if they fail. 

Turbo Lag 

Turbo lag is a quick delay in response after urgent throttle, that may occur when the engine isn’t producing sufficient exhaust gasoline to spin them faster’s intake turbine fast sufficient. This most effective without a doubt happen whilst the auto is being driven aggressively or from a closed throttle role. In excessive-performance cars, producers save you faster lag by adding turbochargers of differing geometry, instead of one large one with the most effective unmarried turbine.

Efficiency vs Driving Style

The turbocharged engine requires careful throttle control to achieve the claimed efficiency figures whereby the accelerator isn’t pressed too hard. The cylinders are burning fuel more quickly when a turbocharger is ‘on boost’ it is leading to poor efficiency. When first setting off, if a driver is changed from a naturally-aspirated car to a turbocharged model he/she needs to maintain good efficiency particularly.


Before using the turbocharger in your car, truck, jeep, or bus you must know about the prices, its benefits, and so on. Above we have discussed the turbocharger pricing and repair cost and found out that the repair cost of any turbocharger was not less than the new turbocharger cost. Because turbocharged engines have so much complexity that is why the repair cost of turbochargers is too high. 

So we suggest that if you want to repair your turbocharger don’t repair it, just try to exchange it with the new turbocharger. Before using any turbocharger, first, do some recharge and find out which is suitable for your vehicle. 


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