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BMW 850i Engine – A Complete Guide

As one of the best multinational automotive companies in the world, BMW has taken the development of engines to the highest level. BMW debuted its 8 series at Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) in 1989. Soon after BMW launched its 850i Engine in 1990 having a power output of 300 PS (221 kW; 296 hp). It was available in two variants of 4-speed automatic and 6-speed manual gearbox. 

BMW has carved its own name in the luxury car segment. The BMW 850i engine had improved performance, as well as a higher purchase price. Let’s discuss the BMW 850i engine in detail with its specifications, models, and strengths. Using the information will help in making informed decisions about this splendid engine from BMW.

Table of Contents

  • BMW 850i Engine Specifications 
  • Why is the BMW 850i Engine so powerful?
  • Common Issues with BMW 850i Engine
  • BMW 850i Engine Maintenance

BMW 850i Engine Specifications 

The BMW 850i Engine specifications differentiate it from other similar segment engines. These specifications of 850i make it one of the best engines in this segment. These specifications are given below for reference:

  • Engine Type: TwinPower Turbo Engine 
  • Displacement: 4395 CC
  • No. of Cylinders: 8
  • Valves per Cylinders: 4
  • Valves configuration: SOHC
  • Fuel Supply System: Direct Injection
  • Power: 600bnp@6000rpm
  • Torque: 750nm@1800-5600rpm
  • Transmission type: Automatic
  • Drive Train: AWD

All the above specifications increase the potential of the BMW 850i engine by reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Unmatched performance with better mileage and a comfortable drive experience are its hallmarks. Let us know more about why the BMW 850i engine is so powerful. 

Why is the BMW 850i Engine so powerful?

The 850i motivation comes from the splendid 5.0-liter V-12 of the 750iL sedan. The engine specializes in smoothness with tranquility while developing 296 hp at 5200 rpm. The mighty V-12 in 850i can blast off to 60 mph in just 6.3 seconds. This power is enough to cut the 0-62mph down from 6.8 seconds to under 6 seconds. 

The BMW 850i boasts of a huge improvement in fuel economy over other engines of the same segment. The Engine provides a spectacular demonstration of the BMW 850i technology. All of the 850i components are designed to give optimum life to the engine. Although it’s awesome and powerful still it might face the same issues as other engines. 

Let us discuss them so that timely identification and fixing of problems can be done.

Common Issues with BMW 850i Engine

Even though it’s powerful, fuel-efficient, and cost-effective, there are some common issues found in the BMW 850i Engine. These issues are not unusual to most standard engines. Knowing about them helps in stopping it from happening too. Let us discover each of them.

Oxygen Sensors 

Oxygen sensors monitor the quantity of unburned oxygen in models fitted with 850i engines. Replacing oxygen sensors is the pricey repair for 850i engine models. This must be done when there’s no other option.

Catalytic Converter 

Replacing the converter is often costly counting on the precise vehicle. Replacement of the catalytic converter in 850i is even more costly. Sometimes it is absolutely necessary and cannot be avoided.

Emissions System Problem

BMW 850i engines additionally face issues with leaks and failure of the emissions. This technique controls emissions and calls for replacement when valves fail. In the future, this also is highly-priced for an 850i engine.

Low Mileage

BMW cars use power to recharge batteries to be used again. When plenty of your time is spent cruising continuously without a break, the batteries aren’t recharged. This leads to low highway gas mileage. When the mileage becomes too low it indicates a problem with the engine.

To prevent the above-mentioned issues the upkeep of the BMW 850i engine must be administered on a daily basis. By following proper maintenance most of those issues are often prevented. Also, the typical cost of maintenance is decreased when specific engine care is followed.

Let us now look into the various ways in which the BMW 850i engine can be maintained. Some important tips are shared too in order to take full care of the engine.

Engine BMW 850i Maintenance

The 850i engine is the most essential component fitted inside the BMW car. To keep the engine efficient regular maintenance is mandatory. When a replacement is required it needs to be carried out immediately. As the BMW 850i engine needs frequent maintenance and replacement when it goes bad, here are some tips to keep it up and running. 

There are some tips that will help you in maintaining your BMW 850i for avoiding problems in the long term.

Change Oil of Engine

Engine oil has to be changed on a regular basis for proper upkeep. BMW 850i maintenance schedule can be properly followed for the vehicle in order to keep the engine up and running.

Engine Oil Leak

The oil leakage in BMW 850i can be easily identified and fixed. By finding the exact cause of leakage not only is the problem fixed but prevented from happening again.

Check Engine Light Issue

The glowing of the check engine light indicates a problem with the engine. The engine needs to be checked immediately when this light glows. The root cause of the problem needs to be identified and fixed immediately.

Timing belt change

The timing belt is an important part and goes through wear and tear. Immediate change of timing belt protects the engine from any further damage. 


To summarise we have already discussed the detailed specs of the BMW 850i Engine. Also, we detailed why it is much stronger than other engines in the same models. In addition to all this, we discussed some issues with the 850i engine too. In the end, the tips for maintaining the engine will help in keeping the overall health of the BMW engine in check. Also, these tips will make sure that the engine runs smoothly in the long term. 

Hoping that all the information provided here has given full details about the BMW 850i Engine. Having all the information will enable you to have all the knowledge related to this incredible engine. This information can be used whenever required, especially when changing the engine or getting a new one. For further reading 


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