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Chevrolet VIN Number-Complete History of Your Car

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number, every Chevrolet car features a unique identifier code called a VIN. Chevrolet VIN Number has 17 unique characters serial numbers and each position of the character in VIN describes specific aspects of the vehicle.

VIN contains 17 unique characters and numbers. Every character and number has specific meanings: manufacturer’s location, manufacturing year, model number, engine type, body style, and lots more. If someone wants to shop for a car he can check the web database through Chevrolet VIN to make sure that the car wasn’t stolen, broken, or illegally modified. Every car manufacturer company is obliged to mark all its vehicles during this special format.

So The Chevrolet VIN Number is very helpful for knowing about the car status.

Know about the decoding process of Chevrolet VIN Number

Let’s take an example to understand the decoding process of the Chevrolet VIN.

  • 1G1 = Manufacturer 
  • J = Platform Code 
  • C = Platform Series Code
  • 1 = Body Style (Two-Door Coupe)
  • 2 = Restraint Type
  • 4 = Engine Type 
  • 0 = Security Code
  • 1 = Model Year (2001)
  • 7 = Plant (Lordstown, Ohio, United States)
  • 101333 = Production Sequence

1. WMI (World Manufacturer Identifier): The primary digit of a VIN is that the origin country code or final processing plant. As example:

    1 is for  United State

    2  represents Canada

    3 is for Mexico                     

The second and third digits represent the character of the manufacturer and the vehicle. Example: ‘B’ for BMW.

2.  Vehicle Descriptor: Digits 4 to 8 represent the vehicle descriptor section. The 4th and 8th characters portrait the vehicle brand, engine type, and size, etc.

 3.  Check Digit: The 9th number of VIN represents the authenticity of the whole number. It is a code number or security code.

 4.  VIS (Vehicle Identification Section): Digits 10 to 17 are known as Vehicle Identification Section. The 10th digit represents the manufacturing year of the car. The 11th digit is showing the manufacturing factory. And digits 12 to 17 digits are numbers the vehicle gets because it rolls through the production or assembly line.

Where to find VIN Tag?

You can find the Chevrolet VIN Tag in a few spots of your car. You may see it on the inside of the driver’s door jamb and usually printed on a sticker. It’s also on your registration card and will get on your auto insurance card also. It is etched on the lower-left corner of your vehicle’s windshield, which is on the driver’s side. 

Benefits of using Chevrolet VIN Number

Chevrolet VIN Number helps to know about the history of the car. If you want to buy a car you can check online about the car. Through the VIN decoder, you get to know some information like:

  1. Basic data about the car.
  2. Information about the replacement of the vehicle, if any.
  3. Consistency of Car information.
  4. Records of the previous owner. 
  5. Proof of the model year.
  6. Technical Information

So now let’s check a brief description of the benefits and know about all the facts:

  • Basic Data : Through VIN Number you get to know the basic data about the car like model no, model year, a manufacturing company, manufacturing year, location and many more.
  • Information about the replacement of the vehicle: Using VIN Number you can find the manufacturing year of the engine or any part of your car. If it is matched that means the engine is original. If it is not matched that means the engine is not original or replaced with another one. So VIN is very helpful for knowing the information about the car.
  • Consistency of Car information: By using VIN Decoder you can match your all facts with the sellers. So It helps to reduce to hide the matters of the car from the seller’s end.
  • Record of the Previous owner: If you want to buy an old car then VIN Number is very helpful for you. Let’s say you want a Chevrolet car and your contact with the seller for the information about the car. By using VIN Decoder you can check the record of the previous owner and also can identify whether it is a stolen or theft car. If you give the 17 digit number in the VIN decoder and find all the relevant information about the Chevrolet and if the decoder shows a Red flag, meaning the actual VIN is not for this Chevrolet car.
  • Proof of model year: Most insurance agencies want the VIN at the time of creating insurance coverage. Through that number, they understand that the car is going to be insure accurate or no longer now. Now no longer simplest works for the capabilities and specs. However additionally enables to recognize if the auto is accurate or now no longer.
  • Technical Information: VIN is a unique range for each Chevrolet. The VIN incorporates all of the technical statistics like year model, engine type, frame style, restraint type, and plenty of greater. It additionally incorporates the automobile’s records in the course of its life. If you would love to buy any used automobile, you have to test the VIN statistics of that. You have to have to get entry to the VIN of that unique automobile.
  • VIN decoder saves time: In this technical era, it does now no longer make feel in case you test all of the statistics manually. VIN lets you recognize approximately the auto while you plug in YMM and enables you to keep your treasured time.
  • Identify Open Recall: A VIN research choice is critical for customers to discover open recollects on their automobile or an automobile they’re searching to shop for, as it’s miles automobile-unique. VIN research is advanced to the 12 monthly make version. You should not scrap YMM. The aggregate of VIN research and YMM seek will permit your enterprise and customers to discover as much or as little automobile information as necessary.

So this is all about the Chevrolet VIN Number that you must know. If you want to shop for a car then you must know about the Chevrolet VIN Decoder and check all the facts of the car. The more you know the more you are safe from fraud.                     


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