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How Much Does a Car AC Compressor Cost?

It becomes very inconvenient when your car’s AC stops working and if it is summer then it is nearly intolerable. In summer for high temperatures people want their AC to work at its best. Failure of Car AC Compressor Cost, cause malfunctioning of the whole system. As we know that the AC Compressor is a crucial component of the air conditioning system, it can cost a big amount and can impact your wallet. 

Estimating the accurate cost of replacing an AC is not possible because as there are many varieties available at different rates. The cost of compressors can also depend on the locality and the area you live and if you want to get it repaired then also it depends on the mechanic you choose or your locality.

If we do talk about the requirements of AC compressor replacement then it can have numerous answers depending on person to person.  While in winters AC is not really needed and everyone’s work can go smoothly but in summers it can create a problem if you are a kind of habitual to AC. The hot, humid, and chilly summer can be hectic to drive in, all you would like is just to get an AC to cool you down. But again it totally an individual’s choice.

Car AC Compressor Cost

AC Compressor can be called the heart or engine of air conditioning units. Its work is to put pressure on gas by reducing its volume inside the system, it put the coolant under high pressure and then forces it towards the condenser of the system. In a condenser, it changes its state from gaseous to liquid.

The mechanism of a compressor is way more similar to that of the pump, both increase the pressure by reducing volume. You will find it interesting to know that actually, the liquid flowing inside the compressor is quite hot. When it is pressured by the compressor in the condenser, the heat is cooled down.

Whenever the AC is turned on, this whole process starts to get executed in a loop. If the compressor won’t work then whenever you turn on the AC it will just blow hot airs, no cooling will take place.

Signs that the Compressor needs to be replaced

When the compressor is failing is starts showing some signs, which should not be ignored. Some symptoms are mentioned here:

Clunking noise made by AC compressor 

Normally you must hear only one sound from the AC that is the sound of blown air from the vent. But when your AC starts making a grinding sound or squealing noise, it could be a sign that your compressor is failing.

Warm air blown 

The work of an AC is to blow cold airs through the vent but if you start feeling that it blows warm air instead of cold then this could be alarming. It could be a symptom of compressor failure.

Fluid leak

Sometimes when the compressor starts to fail, there is an unusual fluid leaking from the AC. Noticing it in home ACs is easy but inside the car noticing the fluid leak could be hard. Sometimes you won’t be able to see them as normal.

Maybe the compressor clutch is not engaged

When the compressor clutch images then only the compressor start to work and during the time when your AC is turned of it is disengaged.

What if the AC Compressor is not replaced?

As the AC is not the legal part of the car, failure won’t affect the functioning of the car. The car would still run perfectly. It will be just that you won’t be able to enjoy the cold winds inside the car if you feel humid and hot climate outside. 

Replacement of AC Compressor 

The safest and more practiced way to replace the compressor is to call the electrician and tell them to do that. Not all people have a lot of knowledge of these machines and doing any wrong step could result in another damage. So to be safe, it’s better to call out a technician and let him do that. 

Cost of an AC Compressor

As the cost of everything varies from place to place, it depends on your locality and the pace where you live but there can be an average estimated cost. Some average estimated costs of car AC Compressor are listed below:

Honda Accord V6 AC Compressor38810RCAA01$103
Land Rover AC Compressor140651NC$158
Mazda 3AC CompressorCO 11308ZI$138
Ford Crown AC Compressor77588$106
2000 Toyota Rav4$431.00
2003 Ford Escape$499.63

The above mentioned were just a few examples to estimate the cost or replacement but these are just the price of the compressor, you also need to add labor cost which is quite high and can leave an impact on your pocket. Labor costs can usually vary from $200 to $500.

Tips to remember while replacement of the compressor

  • The refrigerant of the AC could be very harmful to the nature and environment so make sure it should be safely recovered by some certified and experienced technician. 
  • Sometimes it may happen that a leak in the AC is not due to failed compressor, there could be other reasons also. So before taking action for replacement, go to a technician and ask him to check and find out the real reason behind the leakage.

Save money on replacement of AC compressor

To save your money on the replacement of a compressor you can do one thing is to start searching for the items online. To find Aa perfect fit for your car which would be good quality at a reasonable price, you can trust auto part companies who have reliable and high reputation in the market.

We usually see that stuff online is cheaper than offline. In the offline process, they start adding different charges like transport charges and then shares of distributors at different levels. So nowadays buying kinds of stuff online is very common as well as preferable also. You don’t need to travel a lot and go to the shop ask for them for different things and do any kind of physical work, all you need to do is just some swipes and some clicks on your phone right at your place and you are done.

Is it worth replacing an Ac Compressor?

As we know that the compressors cost a lot and leave an impact on our pocket as they are very expensive.  In old air conditioners, bad compressors are always an issue so it may happen then if you replace it today it may get failed after few days again.

So if you have an old air conditioner, the better option for it would be buying a new one instead of just replacing the compressor. If the compressor again gets failed it will cost you almost twice the money. So to save your money think and then invest in whatever you feel is right.


Replacing a car AC Compressor could be very time-consuming, need effort, and also a huge amount of money. Now the decision is yours that you want a functional AC in your car or not. During winters it would be all fine but maybe you could face problems in summers.

When the climate is totally hot and humid you would surely want to just get in the car and relax in the cold winds. Then all the problems either it may be traffic or headache of office workload you can forget all, a for some moments.  


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